Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Fun Customers

Reasons I liked them: When I opened my front door to put out my Open sign and my flags, they were waiting. Nothing like waiting customers to make the shopkeep feel valued! They drove a Jeep Wrangler, just like me, though mine is much older and red. Their license plate indicated they were fans of sunflowers and I have a series of sunflower photographs. They are landscapers and I am a landscape designer. They were power shopping for things for their own yard before they took off for the rest of Father's Day doing some relaxing sightseeing. And they bought a birdbath and two kinds of birdhouses and few other things. And they said nice things about many of my artists. And that, the last, may have been what endeared them to me the most, because the thing I love most about Prairie Oak Artisans is the group of talented artists that I get to know and with whose work I surround myself every day at the gallery.