Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Private Class

Over the holiday weekend, I taught a little private class. We made earrings that I call Tie One On. They are made by tying beads onto French ear wires with waxed linen or fine leather cord or hemp cord or embroidery floss. They are easier to make than beaded earrings with wires holding the parts together and they require no pricey tools. If you want me to do a class for you, just let me know. I prefer 6 students, but make exceptions. I will travel to meet you or we can hold the class at the gallery in Mineral Point. I can teach you how to do most anything that I make myself that I have posted here.
I have taught indoors and out, at art schools and festivals, at an historic farm museum, for park districts, for garden clubs, for one individual at a time and up to groups of 15. Let's talk about what I can teach to you or your group. Everyone always has a wonderful time!

Handmade Blown Glass

Glass artist Nate brought a few new pieces in and they are lovely as usual! Nate's glass has swirls and free form shapes that give it motion and flow. Many have an interior color that is different from the exterior, while some are transparent. My favorite is the collaboration with Chris Hubbard, Prairie Oak Artisan's blacksmith.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recycled Licence Plates

New artists to the gallery: Cathy and Pete are making signs out of recycled licence plates. I will have a few in stock at the gallery soon, but for now, you can order any saying you want for $10 a letter, including 2 blank ends for finishing and the spaces. So Born 2 Garden would be $150. It takes about 2 weeks from when you let me know what you want to when the sign arrives at your door by UPS or USPS. You can order any short quote or saying or inspirational words or you can order your kids' names for their rooms or the name of your favorite sports team or band.
I got this one for myself. I am going to order "GOOD KARMA". It's a fun environmentally friendly way to express yourself!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Felted Scarves

Sometimes the drive to play with materials leads to a new product and this is one of them. I finally made it to Esther's Place, an amazing felt studio in Big Rock, Illinois, where Natasha Leherer teaches classes and workshops in a wide array of felting techniques and sells some amazing products. She has yarns for local producers, from bison to alpaca, and one of her most fabulous products is roving from her own sheep that she herself hand dyes. The colors are just beautiful. I purchased a palette of colors to use in my felted landscapes and florals, and then got the itch to make something right away. I had watched her teach a class on nuno felting where thin layers of fleece pulled from the roving are laid down onto silk chiffon scarves, but having no scarves at hand, I tried making a scarf from just the fleece, with my own floral designs. What you see here is from my first batch, made on the bathroom countertop at the lake house.

Paintings and Fiber Art by Sheri Lee Butler

Sheri Lee Butler has new fun paintings in the gallery. Vibrant colors and textures that make you want to go up close for a better look make these pieces a delight. Her fiber art features female figures ornamented for a celebration of life. They are made of wool and other fibers felted and tied and sewn onto art canvases and ready to hang on your living room, family room, bedroom, or office wall.

Checkered Animals Paintings by Sheri Lee Butler

Sheri Lee's whimsical series of animals in checkerboard patterns are delightful and fun. Choose one of these or ask her do the animal profile of your choice as a custom order. This is the fun side of Sheri's often serious work.