Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wooden Bird Houses

Todd Hubler makes these pretty and functional birdhouses in nearby Madison, Wisconsin. 

He uses reclaimed, scrap, and new materials.

 The tops are surplus ceramic tile that sheds rain.

Todd finishes the birdhouses so that they will last through many seasons of use.


Where will you put one in your yard?

Opening Day, Tenth Anniversary Year

 We are ready ready ready for the 2015 season!  We opened on July 22 of 2005, so this is Prairie Oak Artisan's 10th Anniversary year!

Karma Grotelueschen's  fiber art has its own corner here, with both framed and unframed works available.  She will be demonstrating her fiber art again at Fall Art Tour on the third weekend in October.

We have a fresh supply of roving for felting or spinning and knitting needles and crochet hooks of bamboo.  As usual, we offer felting classes on Friday evenings at 5 and Saturday mornings at 9.  A class for 2 or more is $25 per student or $30 for a private lesson.  You can choose to learn to felt a scarf, a vase, or flowers.
 We have pottery in blues and by Ellen Judson and glass by Nathan Gieseke.

 Up front of the gallery, we have gathered all the garden related things, such bird houses, vases, garden ornaments.  These sorts of things make great Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts!
 We have had pottery by Cindy Wilkins every year since opening in 2005 and are proud to be getting even more in soon. Now though, we have bowls and platters and chip and dip sets with the oak branch edging that she developed just for us!
Frames and lanterns and miniature greenhouses display sterling silver  and copper earrings, bracelets, pendants, brooches, and necklace assemblages, all handmade in a studio in nearby La Valle, WI and finished right here in the gallery.  Matching and coordinating pieces are available for special occasions and gifts.

 Randy Pfeifer is a wood strip canoe builder with a workshop in La Valle, Wisconsin, on Lake Redstone, and he also hand crafts beautiful wooden canoe paddles.
 Brooms are by Bob McCann and the mercats are by Sheri Lee Butler.
 Lane Bacon of Verona, WI makes some really fine wood boxes.  We will have trays and vases soon!
Block prints by Karma Grotelueschen include some that are hand colored with pastels.
2015 is the year of the basket. We have baskets by Jamie Lee Weber, Sandra Andreesen, and Joy Luckhardt Klehm.  This is the finest selection of really well made baskets we have ever had!

Jewelry and Make Up Bags by Laura from Fargo!

New for 2015!  Handmade lined fabric zippered bags.
Use them for jewelry, make up, or as a little clutch purse with your cell phone and a few essentials.  These adorable little marvels are made by Laura in Fargo, North Dakota.

I met her when I was visiting my sister last winter, and ordered up a bunch.  If you love them, I will get more.  Long narrow ones for make up and jewelry and maybe longer ones even still for knitting needles!

She has a gorgeous stash of fabrics in nature prints that will be so pretty in the gallery that I will hate to let them go, but for you, I will!!