Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slow Printing?

I've been thinking about the rust stains on the window sill. The ones from where I stood the metal stand for the glass flower vases and later discovered the four little squarish rust stains from the stand's feet.

What if one made a 'printing block' of metal objects, prerusted to get the process going, and stood it on wet paper? How long would it take for enough rust to accumulate to make an image? Would a single wetting of the paper be enough or would the paper need to be redampened? How consistent would the image be from print to print?

Now, to find a source of small rusty metal object to make into an image, and then, to design a meaningful image from them . . .

Update: I found 16 guage steel wire and a 8" x 8" white scrubbing pad and finer wire to wire the thicker wire on. Now to design something . . . maybe a tree? . . . and wire it on and give this idea a go!