Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Timeline of John Falls O'Neill

1806 - John Falls O’Neill "born in Shanes Castle, Ulster, Ireland"
1812 - Mary Ann Sublette, born March 7, Woodford County, Kentucky
1822 - O’Neill arrives in Baltimore, MD and takes job as clerk
1827 - O’Neill accompanies British Army officers to Mexico, on return trip meets Mary Ann Sublette in St. Louis
1827 - O’Neill and Sublette married in Galena on September 18, 1827
1828 - O'Neill have first child, Sarah Ann, October 7, 1828
1829 - O’Neill builds 2 story frame house in Mineral Point. Lower level faces back garden, stream, alley, probably was living level for family. Street level was store, sawmill, lead furnace, etc. Upper level may have been income rental.
1832 - Friend of Sublette’s family killed at Blue Mounds by Winnebago so O’Neill rides in search of killer.
1834 - O'Neills have second child, Louise
1836 - O’Neill is captain at Ft. Richmond in Mineral Point during Black Hawk War
1836 - Mineral Point is surveyed and platted for first time
1836 - O'Neills have third child, Adeline
1837 - O’Neill running 'old stand' out of street level of stone house, probably residing in garden level
1837 - O’Neill applies for claim to ½ of lot 110, states there is a house built as ‘improvement’
1838 - O'Neills have fourth child, William
1840 - O’Neills mortgage lot 110 and house
1840 - O'Neills have fifth child, Thomas
1842 - O'Neills have sixth child, Richard
1844 - O'Neills have seventh child, Eliza
1845 - O’Neills sell lot 109 after a fire damages part of frame portion of buildings, cuts frame house at lot line and limestone building is built adjacent that serves a new wall.
1845 - John Falls O’Neill goes to California to supply merchandise to Gold Rush, apparently making a good deal of money supplying travelers, and at some point, purchases a small ranch in northern California. At some point, he move his family there.
1846 - Lot 110 is foreclosed on
1846 - O'Neills have eighth child, James
1849 - O'Neills have ninth child, Maria
1852 - Captain O'Neill leads a wagon train moving his entire family to a ranch and mine in California.
1886 - O’Neill dies in California and is buried there in the Quincy Cemetery.
1893 - Mary Ann Sublette O'Neill dies in Los Angeles, California


Melinda at sea. . . . said...

John Falls O'Neill is my great X5 uncle, buried in the cemetery along the river in Quincy, CA. His gravestone is a very large cross, distinct among other small flat markers here. The historical society has lots of information. . . I will be doing more investigation into my genealogy soon.

goprairie said...

thanks for the info! do you have any information on where they lived in California? do you have a photo of the cemetery or the gravestone?

Lisa said...

John Falls O'Neill is my grandmother's grandmother's grandfather. As Melinda says, he is buried in the Quincy cemetery in Plumas County, CA. He and his family arrived in Plumas County, at a gold discovery site known as Elizabethtown, in September 1852, crossing from Wisconsin in a wagon train which he led as Captain O'Neill. He operated a trading post at Spanish Creek, and resided in American Valley (Plumas county) until his death in 1880. He owned the Riverdale Mine and Ranch, later known as O'Neill's ranch. His daughter Teresa married Issac Bosman Wheeler in 1854; with their 6 children they relocated to Oakland, CA in 1876. All 4 of their daughters (Ada, Mary, Violet and Eugenia) were singers and/or musicians. JF O'Neill's daughter Mary Frances married Lewis Bell in Wisconsin; they operated the Bell dairy in Quincy, CA and Bell Lane is named for them. JF O'Neill's daughter Louisa married William Ward in Quincy. He was an early publisher of the Plumas National Newspaper. The Plumas County museum in Quincy, as well as the local historical society, have a lot of information on JF O'Neill and his family, including some photographs. Eugenia Wheeler (born 1858), his grand=daughter, was my paternal grandmother's grandmother. She married and divorced twice, and supported her family by teaching music and performing at society gatherings and in homes in Oakland, CA.

All Prairie said...

Thanks for the information! The Quincy Cemetery website lists the only O'Neill of that time frame as J.B. O'Neill, death in 1886. Do you think that B is a misreading of an F? You say 1880 as year of his death, but the cemetery lists 1886. Again, which do you think is accurate?
I will try to contact the museum. Thanks again!