Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bird Nests

Real birdnests are really too fragile, and often too messy, to bring indoors.  Best to leave them out there to decompose and return to the soil to nourish the plants that harbor the animals than to try to bring them inside.  But these nests capture the aesthetics of real nests and bring in a message of warmth and nurturing.  They shelter a trio of stone 'eggs'.
The black wire nest is on a long branch for display on a wall, but is also available as a table-top version.

Felted nests incorporate a variety of colors and textures of wool fibers and have wooden eggs.

These copper wire nests hold stones selected for their 'egg' shapes and make a lovely windowsill display.  They can also be used outdoors as garden art.
All by Karma Grotelueschen.

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