Monday, October 28, 2013

Felted Landscapes for Fall Art Tour 2013

Fall Art Tour is an amazing multi-community event in the Driftless Region of southern Wisconsin where artists' studios are open, with the artists often demonstrating their techniques and methods.  Since artists up and down the street and across the street are on the tour, visitors to my gallery on that weekend expect me to be working on something more interesting than maybe putting ear wires onto beaded earrings or finishing the ends on knitted scarves or repolishing the silver jewelry.  So most years, I demonstrate the process of making my felted landscapes.  In 2013, the subjects were a yellow aspen forest, from a photo my son in Tucson, AZ had taken a couple weeks earlier, a pear branch from a photograph I had used as inspiration for a multi-pane block print I had completed the previous week, and a Jack-In-The-Pulpit from photograph I had been using to complete artwork for another larger block print.  This is the status of the landscapes at the end of the Fall Art Tour event; they all still need to be detailed and squared up and framed.

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