Thursday, August 7, 2014

Art is Messy!

On a recent Tuesday, Karma Grotelueschen of Prairie Oak Artisans was sending woodchips flying to carve a woodcut of a canoe among spatterdock leaves and flowers.
 Just a couple doors down on Commerce Street, Bruce Howdle was working on a clay wall mural featuring a child on a tree swing with a rolling Wisconsin valley landscape beyond.  Out back of the Howdle studio, Howdle's student, Henry Graser, was splattering paint onto huge vases that he sculpted recently.  Henry was painting and glazing to finishing up the pots in order to fire them prior to his departure for education at the Art Institute in Chicago.
It was a busy, but typical, day in Mineral Point's art district that encompasses galleries and studios along High Street, Commerce Street, and Fountain Street, and others a little outside the downtown area such as Brewery Pottery on Shake Rag Street and some actually a little out of town, like Windy Ridge Pottery on Route 39.

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